EnMasse is an open source multitenant, self-service messaging system for Kubernetes. It can run on your own infrastructure or in the cloud, and simplifies managing the messaging infrastructure for your organization. EnMasse can be used for many purposes, such as moving your messaging infrastructure to the cloud without depending on a specific cloud provider, building a scalable messaging backbone for IoT, or just as a cloud-ready version of a message broker.


  • Use the built-in console or cloud-native tooling for management and monitoring.
  • Scale from small to large messaging deployments.
  • Hides complexities of messaging infrastructure from applications.


  • Supports request-response, pub-sub and event messaging patterns.
  • Support for AMQP 1.0 and JMS.


  • Decouple operation of infrastructure from configuration and use by applications.
  • Use built-in multitenancy to share messaging infrastructure among multiple applications.
  • Monitor messaging infrastructure with built-in metrics and alerts.
Powerful integrations

Powerful integrations

Supports custom external IAM providers such as LDAP.

Supports federation of messaging addresses and forwarding messages to and from any AMQP 1.0 provider.

Secure by Default

Secure by Default

TLS support with automated certificate management.

Built-in authentication and authorization.

Follows principle of least privilege.


Go to the Downloads page to download EnMasse. The release artifacts contain YAML files for installing and configuring EnMasse. Container images used in the releases are published to Quay.io.

Getting help

If you run into issues with EnMasse, you can get help in the following places


Go to our Community page to learn how you can contribute to EnMasse.

EnMasse is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.